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At LJP Landscaping we provide an excellent lawn laying service.

Try not to order your turf until you have completed all the groundwork. Arrange for your lawn turf to arrive no more than 1 day before you hope to lay it. When it arrives, if it is hot and dry, soak the outside of the pallet with water, making sure to apply plenty water to the ends of turf that are showing.
If required, sprinkle pre-turfing fertiliser evenly over the area. Rake lightly to incorporate it and give a finished smooth surface.

Now lay the turf. You can either lay turf whilst standing on the raked ground or whilst standing on laid turf with the use of planks to prevent marking your new lawn. If you stand on the soil, give each row a light rake to remove your foot marks.

Start from the longest straight edge and roll out a turf. DO NOT stretch the turf or you will get shrinkage later. If you are happy with the angle of your first turf, roll out another one. Push the starting edge of the second turf right against the first one making sure to butt all joins up tightly. Do not have lawn turf overlapping on top of previously laid turf. You can use the the rake to pull the turf close together.

You do not need to roll or board the turf at this stage except at the joins. However if you have a very light roller this can be used to help the turf to soil contact.

If you have any gaps created through poor cutting or uneven turf sizes, you should blend the edges closer together by manually stretching, almost tearing the edges. (like flattening out dough). The turf will contract some but you do improve the join. If the gaps are too big for this, use a sharp knife to cut slivers from your off cuts of turf and squeeze these into the gap. Remember wherever you do this type of join, will need extra water to help recovery.
Here’s a secret used by turf laying contractors to increase the “wow” factor on a new lawn. Roll out your alternate rows of turf in opposite directions. This gives a good striped “just mown” look. Do not use small cuttings at the edges of the lawn. Use them in the middle.

When you are done, unless plenty of rain is forecast, you must irrigate the grass. If you can’t apply water due to hosepipe bans or water meters, then leave lawn turf laying to the cooler seasons. This must be a very good watering, it may take several hours of sprinkler to put on enough. This should be repeated regularly for 1 month

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