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At LJP Landscaping we can design a decking area that suits your needs.

We have installed raised decking, decking shapes, ECO decking, Rubber grip decking, decking over and around ponds with rails and pergolas built in. We always ensure that our decking does not move or bounce. We use post creted spikes, bolt downs or combination of both.

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Decking Surrey

Decking Considerations:

Is the site flat, sloping or difficult terrain – can changes of level be built in to add interest?

Is the deck to be wholly in the sun or a shaded area or need to combine elements of both; either naturally or by including features like an arbor or screening for protection against a prevailing wind?

Is the deck intended to be a private space or on public view. Will trees, shrubs, boundaries and buildings provide privacy?

Will the deck’s location interfere with services, like drains and manholes?

Access to these may need to be built in to the design.

Is the deck primarily for adults, for entertaining, or for family use with a children’s play area – swing/sandpit included?

What features will be incorporated into the deck design eg planter boxes, seats, trellis, arbors, pergolas, storage boxes, sandpits, ponds? Almost anything is possible.

Is a hot-tub spa, out of ground swimming pool, garden pavilion, shed, conservatory or other heavy structures going to be added at a later date?

If so you will need to make sure that the structural specification of your deck is beefed-up significantly to take the loads that may be placed upon it.

What style of handrail and balustrades will I need to build in?

What type of timber do I need to use for the frame?

Timber comes in various strength grades and for raised level decks you will need to use the appropriate structural grade, e.g. If your frame is in contact with the ground then the timber needs to be properly treated.

What type of board will be used for the surface of the deck?

There are a wide range of species and styles available providing variations in grain pattern and colour. There is also a choice of plain, grooved or ribbed finishes to enable different effects to be created.

Is planning or building regulation approval required?

Planning permission:

Timber decks differ from conventional patios and terraces most significantly in their elevation and general height of construction. For all but the simplest, low-level garden deck (under 300mm in height), property owners should satisfy themselves that planning regulations do not apply to their proposed structure. In addition to contacting the Local Authority, neighbours who may be affected by the structure should also be informed. Neighbour objections is the most common reason for planning refusal or restriction. The instances where it is known that planning consent will apply are set out below. Where the deck is situated within 20 metres line of sight of a highway.

  1. Where the deck is more than 300mm (1ft) from the ground.
  2. If the structure or its use would affect the amenity value or privacy of neighbouring properties.
  3. If the deck is attached to a listed building or situated in a conservation area or National Park.    Other restrictions are known to apply, including limitations to the overall deck area in relation to the existing property or garden area and the constraints of established building lines. For example, in England, decking or decks shall not cover more than 50% of the property’s garden.

Decking Tips

To clean the decking, you can use a high pressure washer, or warm water with a little household cleaner, use a stiff brush to get any stubborn dirt, moss etc, out of the grooves in the decking timber, then rinse it down with clean water and let it dry out.

If you intend to paint over the decking with a preservative, you may have to sand the timber with a power sander to gain a clean stain free surface.
Ideally decking boards should always be laid in single runs i.e no joints in the middle of the decking area as this can and often will cause problems later in the life of the decking. The wood often twists at the end of each plank causing trip points.

Check your deck design against the lengths of available decking boards. This will help you avoid having too many joins in the decking boards and/or minimise the cost of materials.

If your deck is going to have hand rails or steps, make sure they are factored into the design and not added on after construction. this will ensure a more rigid and safer end result.Maximum span between joists 500mm for residential decks.

Easiest way to fit decking lights.

Cut decking boards to length but only screw them down half way along the board. Leave enough room to raise them up. Lay your lights out to make sure there is enough lead to reach the power supply. Once you’re happy, drill the holes to the size as per the lights packaging. Then push them in, test they are all working , then screw down the rest of the board.

Do you want to do a decking shape besides square?

We’ll make square frames and bolt them together. This way you can create shapes and different heights. If you want a curved edge, build your decking, then, using a pencil on a string, make your curve line by following it along with a circular saw or jigsaw. Screw the fasica board on starting at one end and applying pressure to get your neat curve. Remember that thick decking may not curve lots and you may need to either soak the wood or make saw cuts in the back of it to help bend it.

Does your decking area go over any utility covers?

Make sure your frame does not go over these covers and form a box around them. Cut the decking boards to the size of the box and attach them all together with a wooden battern. Attach a hinge to one end and then attach to the top of the box. Now you have an access panel.

Laying landscape fabric under the decking will stop weeds coming up through the gaps.

Never use nails to hold down decking boards, they will wobble lose.
By attaching spikes to your frame and using post crete this will prevent any movement.

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